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Unofficial - Zufari

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Sim Top Tips:

Touch Screen Ready

Welcome to the Unofficial Zufari Sim.

Jeeps: Be sure to keep your jeeps filled with fuel. To refuel them they must be empty and sent to the mech refuel area. Only the leading car can be fuelled.

Animals: Be sure to to keep your animals well fed or they will not stay out in the field. If an animal blocks a jeep you can encourage them to move by calling them back to their home. You can cancel this action once they start moving again.

Scoring: The more your guests see the more points you will get, however if your jeeps are stacked up and stopping this reduces their enjoyment and your score, so make sure you have the correct number of jeeps running for smooth operation and animals are not holding up the flow!


Top 5 Operator Stats:

Top 5 Throughput Per Hour:

Sim Challenge Awards:

Handle 3000 Peeps on Zufari