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Rides You Can ControlWe love riding rides and have always wanted to try our hand at operating them. So in our spare time we’ve designed flash simulations based loosely on some of our favourite rides. Not only was this to play at being a ride operator, but was a way of learning more about how rides operate with blocks, transfer tracks and guest flow. Ride Sims 2.0 is our way of sharing for free our passion with the aim to both educate and engage future theme park fanatics!

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50 Manual Launches On RNRC

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Space Mountain Mission 2
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Take control of rides based loosely on attractions from around the globe with these unofficial ride operator simulations.
Rides You Can Control



We're Back... Ride Sims 2.0!


We’re Back!

After 3 long years we’ve gone from being SBNO to back into glorious Ride Sims operating action!

Welcome to Ride Sims 2.0

We have many new amazing features for you to try out and we thought we’d list them all here for you:

  • We have rebuilt the entire site from the ground up. The site features some of the original sims from v1.0 enhanced with new user interfaces and new challenges… more on the challenges as you read on.
  • Read More.
Ride Sims 2.0
Ride Sims 2.0Ride Sims 2.0Ride Sims 2.0Ride Sims 2.0Ride Sims 2.0
  • “Hours and hours of entertainment!”.

    Jack Silkstone | @J_Silkstone
  • “Ride Sims 2.0 is a theme park enthusiast's dream! Sure, it's great going on rides.. But controlling them? Yes please!”

    Kip Hakes | @kiphakes
  • "RideSims 2.0 builds on the Ride Sims Legacy and provides HOURS of amazing entertainment - Looking forward to seeing how this develops."

    Attraction-Images | @attractionimage