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Unofficial - Ripsaw

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Note - Simulations can only be played on a computer.

Sim Top Tips:

This simulator currently isn't touch screen compatible and needs to be played with a keyboard.

- This simulation can be run 3 different operation sequences or for more of a challenge try manually running the ride to give peeps the ride that will make them most happy! 

- The manual in the sim can be found in the options panel for full operating instructions.

Top 5 Operator Stats:

4DJ ninja 103576,307
5Jo Jo 1408519,919
Unknown Player0
Unknown Player0

Top 5 Throughput Per Hour:

Sim Challenge Awards:

3 Continuous Inversions on RIPSAW
4 Continuous Inversions on RIPSAW
5 Continuous Inversions on RIPSAW
Sustain 30secs of Peep Happiness On Ripsaw
Pull 5G on Ripsaw
Handle 500 peeps on Ripsaw