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Unofficial - Hex Legend of The Towers

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Note - Simulations can only be played on a computer.

Sim Top Tips:

Touch Screen Ready

This simulation is slow operating simulation due to the nature of the attraction having large group sizes and long show times. 

Top Tips:

- If your armoury waiting guests has not fully filled you can cancel the fill and begin the pre-show early.

- The best time to start the armoury show is when the cinema count down clock reaches 5 seconds remaining. 

- You can operate the various elements when in system mode Maint. 

- To reset the drum during an E-Stop or a breakdown you will need to power up the ride, system mode maint. and in the mech panel click reset.

Top 5 Operator Stats:

Unknown Player0

Top 5 Throughput Per Hour:

Sim Challenge Awards:

100 Ride Cycles On Hex
Call out 5 Mechs on Hex
Handle 5000 peeps on Hex