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Unofficial - Big Grizzly Runaway Mine Carts

Flash Player must be installed and enabled in order to play simulators!
Note - Simulations can only be played on a computer.

Sim Top Tips:

Touch Screen Ready

- Turn the power key on to start.

- Reset the E-STOP by holding the 'R' key until the system mode begins to flash orange / green.

- Select system mode. Only System Mode normal means you can load peeps. System Mode Maint. will allow you to operate switch 3.

- Please refer to they keyboard command list in the options panel. 

Top 5 Operator Stats:

Top 5 Throughput Per Hour:

Sim Challenge Awards:

Handle 1000 Peeps on BGRMC
Manually Switch 50 Times on BGRMC
Handle 200 Priority peeps on BGRMC