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Unofficial - Baron 1898

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Note - Simulations can only be played on a computer.

Sim Top Tips:

Touch Screen Ready

- Starting the sim you must turn the power on and hold the 'R' Key to reset the E-Stop button. 

- Select the system mode - Maint. / Normal. Click the red flashing block button and turn on each of the block zones on the blocks panel. 

- Only in system mode normal can you load guests. 

- To add or remove trains the transfer pause must be engaged. 

- You can add single riders using '1' or '2' keys. Pre-show entry and start is activated by the 'Return' key. 

- The keyboard commands can be found in the options panel. 

Top 5 Operator Stats:

Top 5 Throughput Per Hour:


Sim Challenge Awards:

5 Mech Call Outs To Baron 1898
250 Fully Loaded Pre-Shows on Baron 1898
50 Fully Loaded Trains on Baron 1898
Handle 1000 Peeps on Baron 1898
Dispatch 500 Trains on Baron 1898