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Ride Sims On The Go


What is happening on Jan 1st?

On January 1st 2021 we will be switching on RIDE SIMS ON-THE-GO for everyone! This will convert our flash simulations to HTML5. We’ve had to make this move because most of you will have seen notifications asking you to switch flash off on your browser. This is because it is end of life as of the 31st December 2020.

We are using a piece of code called RUFFLE, a state of the art converter that does all the work behind the scenes. Ride Sims On-The-Go, is still in its early days and the developers of Ruffle are constantly working on improving its performance and stability.

What do I need to do?

NOTHING! There is no need to install anything, we will update our server and you will get the latest version. With the software still very new and still in beta, we recommend using Chrome, Firefox or Safari and switching between them if you find one is being slow or unresponsive.

I’ve had issues with being logged out or not submitting scores will this fix that?

YES it will be fixed once you are in HTML5 mode.

Can I still use flash?

If you are using a browser that still has flash active you can toggle Flash and HTML5 mode on the Sims page.

Full Screen Mode!

 Yes we’ve finally been able to implement full screen mode to Ride Sims! Note it does not work with all devices such as iPhones but does work on iPads!

Touch Screen / Mobile / Tablet Device Game Play

With Ride Sims On-The-Go it will work on most devices that are able to operate HTML5 code. We recommend having the latest update on your device. Not all devices can handle Ride Sims On-The-Go however it will still work on your desktop machine.

The simulation looks different?

As the simulations are being converted the ruffle software may not have all the same settings as our flash simulations so sometimes they look a little different. Over time this will be resolved.

I think I’ve found a bug?

Drop us a message on our social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter and we will take a look into it.


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